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All Mixed Up - Season 6

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All Mixed up | Team One, and Their First Elimination
All Mixed Up |Season 6 | Episode 1 Celebrity Chef Ralph Pagano hosts six aspiring chefs who test their culinary skills using a secret ingredient - all while keeping their kitchen area ship shape with Sani Professional wipes.
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All Mixed up | Team Two, and Their First Elimination
All Mixed Up |Season 6 | Episode 2 Round two goes underway on this episode of All Mixed Up. Celebrity Chef Ralph Pagano turns up the pressure this week with an exciting mystery ingredient.
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All Mixed up | Another elimination from each team. Who will pull through to the Finale?
All Mixed Up |Season 6 | Episode 3 This week, All Mixed Up takes us to Round Three as our aspiring chefs are pushed to their limits with an interesting ingredient from under the sea. Can our chefs handle the heat while keeping their work station clean?
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All Mixed up | Winners of Team 1 & 2 will compete for This Seasons All Mixed Up Championship Title
Our chefs give it their all in this season's All Mixed Up season finale. Who cleaned up their act throughout all four competitions and created the strongest, most delicious dishes? We've got the answers for you!

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