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BeLatina - Season 1

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BeLatina | BeLatina & The Big Game Special
Watch host Karent Sierra and Chef James Tahhan spice it up with delicious recipes and design tips on this big game day special.
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BeLatina | 0305
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BeLatina | 0306
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BeLatina | 0307
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BeLatina | 0308
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BeLatina | 0309
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BeLatina | 0310
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BeLatina | Spring Forward Edition
On this episode of Be Latina, Karent discusses how to navigate through co-parenting with Talking Parents founder Stephen Nixon and Heather Ruiz. They explain the inspiration behind a life-changing application that is helping families from all walks of life communicate better with the tools that support and protect them. Elevating your taste buds with Chef James! Chef shows us how to infuse vanilla flavors into great recipe ideas just in time for spring gatherings.

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