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Office Spaces - Season 2

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Office Spaces | Phase Two Renovation Preview
Office Spaces | Season 2 | Episode 1 This season on Office Spaces Interior Designer Kalyn Rothaus returns to BrandStar in order to renovate their studio building this time around.
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Office Spaces | Creating the Office of the Future...Today !
Office Spaces | Season 2 | Episode 2 A well designed office space will stimulate company growth and employee productivity. It can function as a strategic tool for business owners who want to remain at the forefront of creativity and innovation in their industry!
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Office Spaces | Lighting are installed into the new BrandStar Studios!
Office Spaces | Season 2 | Episode 3
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Office Spaces | Seating, Fiber Optics, DrawShop and Virtual Information Modeling!
Office Spaces | Season 2 | Episode 4 Renovations are underway and it's time to take a comfy seat, get a sneak peak at the finished studio and check out our very own information super highway!
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Office Spaces | Add shape style and function to your office space.
Office Spaces | Season 2 | Episode 5 Add award winning designs and craftsmanship to your space; improve productivity with a multi-function printer. Plus the world's first ergonomic rug; and chew a little ice to cool down your day.
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Office Spaces | A Facility of the Future
Office Spaces | Season 2 | Episode 6 After plenty of hard work and dedication the studio makeover is completed and ready for its debut.

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