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Mission Makeover - Season 3

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Mission Makeover | New Season - New Mission
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 1 Meet our new team of six! Will they be up for the challenge?
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Mission Makeover | Changing Habits
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 2 To be successful our ladies need to start forming positive habits and breaking their bad ones. After weeks of working out and getting direction from our experts we begin to see who is on the right path, who has what it takes
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Mission Makeover | Knowledge is Power
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 3 After weeks of evaluations and working out, the final "Mission Makeover Season 3 Team is formed" Who will make the cut?
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Mission Makeover | The Mission Makeover Team is formed!
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 4 The Mission Makeover team is formed and it's time to get equipped for the journey. We learn about the importance of supplements for optimal results,power up with protein, shake up the basketball court and learn about the righ
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Mission Makeover | Taking it up a notch
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 5 Entrenched on their journey...it's time to step it up for the MM3 team. The ladies experience new fun ways to get exercise and learn how variety truly CAN be the spice of their life."
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Mission Makeover | Family Affair
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 6 We see how this Mission Makeover journey is impacting the close friends and family members of our ladies and how important it is to have a support system.
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Mission Makeover | All Work & No play
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 7 All work and no play is not only dull but counterproductive. The ladies are half-way through their Mission Makeover journey so they cut loose with Julie Moran, get some mid-way progress reports and go on a girls only trip.
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Mission Makeover | Finding Your Inner Winner
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 8 Sticking with our Mission Makeover mantra of enacting "change from the inside out and outside in" we tap into the "intagibles" that can affect the ladies success. the ladies look to find their inner winner, it's time to dig!
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Mission Makeover | Mission Milestone
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 9 Et voila. It’s race day! The ladies are almost finished with their mission, and today they mark their journey with a milestone achievement: they all intend to start and finish their very first 5K Race.
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Mission Makeover | Maintaining your momentum
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 10 The teams journey is far from over. It's all about motivation and to "keep on keeping on", developing life-long habits that will keep them healthy after the cameras stop rolling. We'll get a fresh workout from a former NFL pl
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Mission Makeover | Defining Success
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 11 As the ladies approach the end of their Mission Makeover journey the realities have now appeared. What does each woman define as success?
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Mission Makeover | We Finish Together
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 12 It's been a long journey on the road to Health & Wellness. The ladies started together and they'll finish together, stronger and healthier!
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Mission Makeover | Finale- The Big Reveal!!!
Mission Makeover | Season 3 | Episode 13 Mission Accomplished! The journey is complete… it’s celebration time as our experts and ladies head to the studio for the finale. But before they debut their new bodies… they went to Macy’s with stylist Chad Cox to pick out

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