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Designing Spaces - Season 12

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Designing Spaces | Tips for Protecting Your Home
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 1 Keep the temperature comfortable and energy efficient. The importance of a having homeowner's insurance. Prepare your home for snowfall this winter and how to go green with solar panels.
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Designing Spaces | Laying the Literal and Financial Foundation of Your Home
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 2 We show you how to transform the floors in your home with Shaw Floors, how to get organized with products from Smead and how to buy a home with less than perfect credit with Cherry Creek Mortgage.
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Designing Spaces | Great Innovations and Ideas For Your Home
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 3 Decide if renting is right for you with American Housing. Decluttr will show you how to make money selling your old CD's and DVD's. The Tile Shop, tips on installing floor tile and HP Wall Art latest and greatest in wallpaper trends!!
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Designing Spaces | Solutions to Make Your Life a Little Easier
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 4 Find the right mortgage with Castle & Cooke. Halcraft USA shows how to create your own jewelry options for your kitchen with Lipper Int. Also The Tile Shop, preparation and planning when it comes to building your shower!
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Designing Spaces | Protect your home and its improvements
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 5 Taking care and re-doing the inside of your home is just as important as securing the outside of your home.
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Designing Spaces | Glam up your household and yourself!
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 6 We know how important it is to have a fresh, unique look for your own personal style, but have you thought about doing this for your home and vehicle? Learn how you can keep yourself and your home looking beautiful.
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Designing Spaces | Making a Difference with Quality Home Improvements
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 7 Designing Spaces shows you how to simplify and organize your house, as well as your personal finances.
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Designing Spaces | Invest in your home, both inside and out!
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 8 Secure the home you've always wanted, both financially and visually. Learn how to find a mortgage through the right lender, as well as obtaining the perfect backyard look.
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Designing Spaces | Home Improvement, Storage, Tiling Tips & Cleaning Your Pool
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 9 In this episode you'll learn about loans for your home improvement projects, simple and convenient storage options, getting your pool ready for the summer and tips on using tile throughout your home.
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Designing Spaces | Protecting Your Home
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 10 This episode of Designing Spaces is all about home security and efficiency. We also learn how you can update your indoor decor via unique tiling design!
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Designing Spaces | Tile Tips, Solar Panels, Enclosures & Financial Planning
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 11 Learn about refinancing your home or securing a mortgage to purchase one. Then travel with us to Massachusetts for an up-close look at Solarskin Solar Panels & Sunspace Modular Enclosures, plus get tips from The Tile Shop.
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Designing Spaces | Caulking, Power Tools, Mortgage Loans and Embracing the Connected Life
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 12 On this episode, we learn how to do our own home caulking, what new power tools are available in the market, plus how to get a great home loan and better internet connectivity.
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Designing Spaces | Bringing Hope to Those in Need
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 13 We team up with The Tile Shop, the high-quality tile products retailer, and Ability Beyond to transform the kitchen of a special woman in need and help her dream of healing come true.
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Designing Spaces | Kids Spaces Special
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 14 When summer and vacations come to an end, it's back-to-school time. Designer Tracy Daves with Shaw Flooring is back & Designer Alexa Hampton & ATG Stores help recreate a more mature space for this teen!
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Designing Spaces | Car, Mortgage, and Bath Remodel 101
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 15 Home and car tips you need to know. From Electric Cars, to how to keep your car in perfect, pristine condition - we have you covered. We also have DIY tips to renovate your shower and mortgage 101. Don't miss it!
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Designing Spaces | Trusted Providers for Your Home and Car Needs
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 16 We have the top providers you can trust for your home and car needs. From an auto service center, to a home energy provider and the perfect gutter installer, we have your home needs covered with providers you can trust.
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Designing Spaces | College Spaces: Back to School Edition
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 17 Designing Spaces goes back to school with solutions for your college-bound child, whether you're boxing up belongings, looking for ways to organize once you're there, new kitchen appliances or ways to lock up your home.
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Designing Spaces | Obtaining a Home Loan
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 18 This week on Designing Spaces, we answer all of your questions when it comes to buying a home and obtaining a loan. We didn't forget about the inside of your house though! We cover front doors, office mats and more!
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Designing Spaces | Solutions for the Home - From Mortgages to Mold Detection & Sun Rooms to Solar Pa
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 19 From mortgages to mold detection, sun rooms to solar panels and ways to put everything in its place - Designing Spaces has solutions to help you make the most of your home.
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Designing Spaces | Protect Your Home with Upgrades and Safety Precautions
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 20 From an invisible fence to keep your pet safe, to an upgraded spoke detector and electrical breakers, make sure your home is protected with all the latest electrical upgrades!
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Designing Spaces | Family, Children & Home
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 21 In this episode, we show how bringing baby home can be both a magical and stress-free time. Disney Star Tiffany Thornton joins us with a variety of tips and tricks!
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Designing Spaces | Neva King Cooper Educational Center in Miami Gets a Makeover
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 22 Designing Spaces travels to the Neva King Cooper School to lend a hand and give back to a deserving facility and the even more deserving children who attend.
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Designing Spaces | Innovative Home Tips
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 23 Whether you're looking for home tech solutions, tips on how to protect your furniture, innovative heating ideas or trying to weatherize your home, we cover it all in this episode!
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Designing Spaces | Make the Holiday Season Wonderful
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 24 In this episode we show how to take the stress of holiday travel, how you can transform your stair case, protecting your home and those you love w/ safety tips, & see the latest & great gift ideas for your tech side!
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Designing Spaces | Spaces of Hope visits Beautiful Colorado
Designing Spaces | Season 12 | Episode 25 We’re in the heart of the Rocky Mountains at the Colorado Outward Bound School in Leadville. We partnered once again w/ The Tile Shop to transform the school & their lives!

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