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Military Makeover - Operation Career - Season 5

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Military Makeover Operation Career | A Brighter Future for Military Veterans
OCTA is responsible for projects, programs and services that affect the daily quality of life for Orange County’s nearly 3.2 million residents in 34 cities and countless others who commute or visit for recreation. We are in the business of helping people get outdoors to do what they love. Columbia Sportswear is technology driven and we are constantly innovating in order to get people outside, no matter the weather.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | Post Military Careers For Veterans
Fleet Feet provides franchising opportunities for veterans and their families to run a successful shoe and clothing store. Industrial Cleaning Powerhouse ENAIS, is providing promising careers for Veterans Nationwide. Seagate products and services meet or exceed global standards for data security, environmental impact, employee safety and supply chain integrity – each of which is fundamental to military operations.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | Veterans Find Exciting New Careers
Key Energy is the most experienced oil well service company in the United States, unmatched in size and crew competency. Key Energy welcomes vets into their workforce. They appreciate their dedication to honesty, mission and perseverance. Whether you are looking to get started in the construction industry, or you are planning on becoming a highly skilled craftsman, Apache is designed by leading industry experts to create a path for you to succeed and grow in your career.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | Post Military Careers For Veterans
DRAKEN International trains the next generation of warfighters, providing innovative solutions for the Department of Defense. Sunrun is on a mission to source the best people to join their team that’s why service members and their unique skill sets make the perfect candidates.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | Bright Futures for Veterans
Toyota is committed to hiring veterans - providing support and opportunities to the brave men and women who have served this country is part of the company’s longstanding focus on diversity and inclusion. JCB manufactures innovative machinery for the construction and agricultural industries with the help of a large portion of veteran personnel.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | New Career Journeys For Military Veterans
Dot Transportation hires currently serving or ex-military for their transport work force. The unique skills and benefits these special men and women bring to DTI benefit the company while changing the arc of their own lives. Century Aluminum is looking to hire more veterans and military personnel. They value their service and their training by giving them an opportunity to showcase their many talents.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | New Career Opportunities For Veterans
First Onsite values veteran employees and believe that they are a key part of what makes First Onsite a successful company with an amazing and diverse culture. Veterans are building promising careers at Power Design where the Skyline has no limits! Columbia College is for those individuals wanting to take the next steps in their careers, expand their potential and explore new horizons.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | Exciting New Careers for Veterans
SML values the contribution of its innovative veteran employees. They work across all parts of the business, from leadership to engineering roles and everything in between. Key Energy Services, the right choice for vets looking to power America into the future. Ariel Corporation builds careers for Veterans, in an industry fueling the future! MasTec, provides professional management solutions to complex power projects. Dependable, trained and focused veterans are crucial to their success.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | Veterans Find a Future with Amazon! Show Special
When you think of Amazon, you may think of packages delivered to your doorstep. But the consumer side of Amazon is just one facet of the company. From the most innovative technologies to healthcare to education to green energy to government, Amazon and its subsidiaries impact customers around the world. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a spot for you. Join us for this special edition half hour show.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | Meet Military Vets Making A Difference
CIRCOR develops pump and valve products that can survive through the harshest environments and toughest conditions. Plus, With a variety of learning formats, flexible hours and full and part-time options, edX Boot Camps are designed for real people in the real world, who want to make a real change in their professional lives.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | New Careers Options for Veterans
Suburban Propane is a lean, flexible company dedicated to creating value. They have a rich history of community involvement and providing opportunities for military veterans. Plus, The CENTURY 21 brand provides extraordinary real estate services through its local affiliated franchises around the world.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | Career Opportunities for Military Veterans
Senior Helpers is the nation’s leading provider of quality, compassionate, in-home care and assistance for the elderly. Plus, with over 40 Years of experience, Stevens Trucking is dedicated to excellent service for both customers and employees. They are an industry leader in hauling, are inclusive to veterans who are looking for a nice home.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | Jobs For Our Veterans
GFL Environmental is the fourth largest environmental services company in North America, specializing in solid and liquid waste management, soil remediation services, and more. With employees and operations in more than 30 countries, Tropical Shipping employees reflect both the local communities they serve and the people with whom they do business.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | The Ideal Professions for Transitioning Veterans
Rio Tinto provides veterans the opportunity to work for a company that cares about its people and offers a range of career paths to grow and develop personally and professionally.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | New Opportunities for Former Service Men & Women
With over 40 Years of experience, DISH Communications has impacted every industry they have entered. Dedicated to excellent service for both customers and employees, they lead the telecommunications industry. E2 Optics is an award-winning, woman-owned, low-voltage integrated IT solutions provider. They specialize in Data Centers, Structured Cabling, Audio Visual, Electronic Security, and Wireless/DAS solutions.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | Veterans Thriving in Civilian Life
Transblue is a powerful opportunity for veteran entrepreneurs ready to build a world-class business, designed to scale. With endless potential for growth, Transblue is a franchise opportunity with life-changing possibilities. Ferris is founded on moving people and ideas forward at the speed of industry. Ferris is a superior choice for veterans looking to build on a military career with an exceptional education and a promising career path.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | Housing for a Better America
Champion Homes along with Star Fleet trucking offer one stop solutions for building and transporting modern efficient homes to an ever-expanding population. Retiring military are discovering rewarding careers in this rapidly evolving field. Construction. transpiration and sales are just three areas of rapid growth that show little signs of slowing down anytime soon.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | New Careers for Our Service Men & Women
Holding true to the family-owned model set when it was established, Dart looks to engage in the lives of not only every American, but also the members of the military who have served our great country. Veterans looking to pursue a rewarding lifelong career are finding exciting opportunities with Enbridge. They proudly support military service members, veterans and their families.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | New Career Paths for Veterans
Dobbs Truck Group is a premier commercial truck dealer group that consistently delivers valued solutions that drive superior customer results. Over 30% of our workforce is comprised of military veterans. With 11 campuses in the Southeast, Miller-Motte College has streamlined programs to help transitioning veterans find their next career path.
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Military Makeover Operation Career | Finding the Perfect Career Fit for Veterans
Radford University has a rich history of serving those who serve. Vets are taken care of at Radford with an outstanding Military Resource Center dedicated to providing support for those transitioning from military toward a rewarding career. Our nation’s military vets sacrifice much when they promise to serve. Finding that perfect career fit in a post military life is something one Texas transportation company is making easy and fulfilling.
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