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Military Makeover - Season 29

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Military Makeover | Meet Our Newest Makeover Family: The Clarke Family
The team head to Tampa, Florida to meet our newest recipients, Kari and Adam Clarke, and kick-off the next Military Makeover! Kari and Adam both served in the Army and met one another through an online veterans group.
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Military Makeover | Making Progress at the Clarke Home Makeover
The Clarke Home is due for a bathroom facelift and we have exactly the right team to help us do the job! Bath Fitter are the experts are providing a stress-free and easy solution to bath remodeling! On Military Makeover, it’s all about comfort and efficiency for our Military families!
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Military Makeover | Getting Ready for Reveal Day
The Clarke family home is in need of some new flooring and our designer Jennifer, was delighted to be able to choose some amazing products from the experts at LL Flooring. We can’t make the magic happen on Military Makeover without the help of our partners. And we’re honored to have Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC on board to help us out – who are no strangers to helping veterans themselves.
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Military Makeover | Clarke Family Makeover - The Big Reveal!
It's reveal day and the team are scrambling to finish the last minute touches before bringing the Clarke family home! It’s not just the inside of the Clarke Home receiving a facelift – the outside is getting some upgrades too, thanks to our partners at Sunniland.

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