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Military Makeover - Season 26

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Military Makeover | Meet Our New Veteran Family: The Daniels
We meet a brand new family as our next makeover begins in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Marine Veteran, Michael Daniels and his wife Heather, meet Art and Jen to discuss their dream designs and home needs, before the makeover gets into full swing.
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Military Makeover | Construction, Installations and Designs at the Daniels' Home
We turned to our sponsors over at Florida Blue for their expert advice on COVID-19 protocols, and their dedicated team have been helping to make sure that the show goes on! Goodman Manufacturing are back once again to supply our veteran family with an upgraded HVAC system that will be sure to help keep them cool and comfortable in the hot summers.
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Military Makeover | Lifestyle Improvements For Our Veteran Hero
Our active veteran couple enjoy keeping fit, and with Lacey Evans around, there was no way she was going to let their fitness levels drop during Michael and Heather’s makeover experience. During filming, we need to make sure our set is safe with COVID-19 protocols in place and adhered to We turned to our sponsors over at Florida Blue for their expert advice.
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Military Makeover | The Final Push Before Reveal Day
Reveal day is almost here and there's lots still to do! Thanks to our partners at Ready Capital, Michael and Heather will be able to enjoy spending time in a special, new outdoor area. As experts who help make dream homes a reality, the LendUS team is back once more to provide any assistance they can to help make this home a forever home for the Daniels. They may even have a special surprise lined up!
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Military Makeover | The Big Reveal for the Daniels Family
It's reveal day and the finishing touches are being made to the home before we bring the family back. Thanks to MakeSpace's digital photo inventory, our designer, Jennifer Bertrand can track and retrieve any of the families items she needs to incorporate into her designs for the big reveal. Art catches up with our friends at Philo who are hooking up our family with a lifetime of access to over 60,000 hours of on demand content and live TV, ensuring they’ll always be entertained.

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