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Military Makeover - Season 24

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Military Makeover | Meet Our Latest Makeover Recipients: The Tabora Family
Tune in to meet our newest Military Makeover recipient, Corporal Jacob Tabora and his family of Converse, Texas. In what could have been a fatal accident, Jacob sustained second and third degree burns on more than half his body, but as a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps, he made it his mission to persevere. Military Makeover and its team of professionals are ready to give this veteran the hand up he deserves.
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Military Makeover | Construction in Full Flow at the Tabora Family Home
The work continues as we transform the Tabora's house into a home. Our dedicated partners at ABC Supply Co, have been working diligently on the homes exterior to install new impact glass windows, doors and new roof.
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Military Makeover | The Makeover's Interior Design Begins
One of the biggest transformations of the home is the new furniture. Our Designer, Jen, is excited to be visiting an American Freight store, where they have all the furniture solutions to meet the family's needs. Back at the house, ABC Supply are putting the finishes touches on the brand new roof for the Tabora home.
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Military Makeover | Revving Up for Reveal Day
You know reveal day is getting closer when the furniture arrives. With some beautiful pieces from American Freight arriving, the house is really starting to look transformed! From the cabinetry, to tv walls and countertops, easy to use clamps from Bessey are helping ensure everything is in place for a successful makeover!
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Military Makeover | Reveal Day for the Tabora Family
Reveal day is upon us! We just have enough time for a few finishing touches before we bring the Tabora family home! The dedicated team of volunteers from My Computer Career provide Jen with some last minute help. As a nonprofit that works to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities, PCSI has helped a number of disabled veterans get a new start in life and we're delighted they're on board to help freshen up the Taboras' backyard.

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