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Military Makeover - Season 15

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Military Makeover | Military Makeover: Meet the Harrison Family
Military Makeover | Season 15 | Episode 1 Military Makeover is here to help pay it back to veteran Casey Harrison and his family with a complete renovation of their home in Independence, Mo., a suburb outside of Kansas City.
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Military Makeover | The Harrison Family Makeover Continues With Solar Panels and a Tankless Water He
Military Makeover | Season 15 | Episode 2 We're back in Kansas City, Missouri with the Harrison family. With the Military Makeover team working around the clock, the Harrison's home makeover is in full force!
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Military makeover | Operation Harrison Continues in Full Force
Military makeover | Season 15 | Episode 3 The Harrison family makeover continues, and leading companies including Mission Solar, Matco Tools, Rinnai America, and Eaton Corporation offer cutting-edge solutions.
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Military Makeover | The Big Reveal For The Harrison Family Makeover
Military Makeover | Season 15 | Episode 4 The moment we've been waiting for is finally here: The Harrison family's big reveal!

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