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Military Makeover - Season 10

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Military Makeover | Meet the Crozier Family
Military Makeover | Season 10 | Episode 1 The Crozier family home makeover in Overland Park, Kansas kicks off! Join our host R. Lee Ermey AKA "The Gunny" as he takes the Crozier family through a life changing experience on season 10 of our Military Makeover Series.
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Military Makeover | The Croziers Get a Makeover of Their Kansas City Home
Military Makeover | Season 10 | Episode 2 The Tague family home makeover in Lake Worth, Florida continues with episode two. The renovation is underway and time is of the essence! Don't miss it!
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Military Makeover | The Big Reveal for the Crozier Family
Military Makeover | Season 10 | Episode 3 The final reveal of the Crozier's home makeover in Kansas City is finally here. Join our veteran family as our host R. Lee Ermey, "The Gunny", brings them through their newly renovated home.

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