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Designing Spaces - Season 17

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Designing Spaces | Solutions for Safe and Efficient Homes
How to protect your property against costly water losses. Available in 20 countries, Care.com is the largest marketplace for families to find affordable senior care and for individuals to sign up as caregivers. Senior care enables the elderly to age in the comfort of their own home. Nowadays many people are inclined towards using the internet to find services, and TaskRabbit technology is helping them to connect with skilled Taskers.
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Designing Spaces | Home Preparation and Backyard Beauty
Learn how to maintain healthy landscaping all while conserving water and saving money. Orbit’s B-hyve Smart Hose Watering Timer and Smart Sprinkler Controller offers a solution, so you don’t underwater or overwater your lawn. Overdue bills, groceries and necessities, and other unexpected expenses can take you by surprise and make your feel helpless. Learn how you can take care of any of these unexpected expenses.
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Designing Spaces | Cleaning and Caring for Your Home
Neato Robot vacuum … the size of a bathroom scale … is keeping floors and rugs cleaner. When buying a hose there are important considerations when buying a new hose like high burst, kink, weight ,and durability. Sea Foam is very easy for anyone to use - it is a safe, effective, and affordable way to help your engine run better, last longer, and avoid common problems. Your home is your sanctuary, it’s the place in the world where you feel truly sheltered.
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Designing Spaces | Tips For Better Living
Do you know what your credit score looks like? Is it great? Or, if you’re like many people, maybe it’s… not so great. Designing Spaces is here to help with some advice from the experts in the credit field. Deflecto, an innovative consumer products company, making your life easier and more efficient. Be inspired, organized and productive, with Deflecto.
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Designing Spaces | Keeping Your Home Productive
If you need some advice on how to run and grow your business, Tony Zorc here to help. Tony, the CEO of Accounting Seed, and his wife Caroline have engineered their home to do business. They’ve transformed their spare bedroom and even their dining room to a workable space for every occasion. Is physical activity part of your life? If not, it should be! And…it could be with these tips from the pros at Academy Sports & Outdoors. Where at-home workout solutions are just a click away.
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Designing Spaces | Modernize Your Living Space from the Inside Out
Mortgage advisors from Sierra Pacific Mortgage make the home loan process seamless by guiding clients step-by-step. Mortgage advisors from Sierra Pacific Mortgage make the home loan process seamless by guiding clients step-by-step. Scooby-Doo takes over Jacob's room with the help of celebrity designer Jennifer Bertrand.
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Designing Spaces | A Disney Princess Room Makeover, Protect Yourself from Harmful Home Exposures
Enjoy the benefits of cooking, cleaning, and bathing with filtered water that has no salt, no maintenance, and no filters with King Water Filtration. Celebrity designer Jennifer Bertrand and the Disney Store create the ultimate dream princess room. Learn how to protect yourself and your home from intense heat and damaging UV rays with XPEL window film for your home.
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Designing Spaces | These 4 Tips Will Have You Saving Time and Money at Home!
APC, a flagship brand of Schneider Electric, provides clean battery backup power and surge protection for your home. APC products offer reliability and certainty in a connected world. Finally, an insurance-comparison company and quote service with your needs in mind. ‘The Zebra’ compares tons of companies based on your profile and insurance needs and then gives you a list of insurance companies (and their quotes) to choose from, perfectly tailored for you.
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Designing Spaces | Home Care and Preparing for the Unexpected
Home care is not just for the elderly, many times it’s for any adult who needs quality, in-home assistance. HomeWell provides that care every day through a number of personalized home care options run by professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. For over 20 years, American Water Resources has helped customers protect themselves against unexpected repair costs with affordable protection for service line emergencies.
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Designing Spaces | Cleaning, Countertops and More!
Today on designing spaces we are going to show you how deep clean your carpet and patio deck like a pro for a fraction of the cost of a professional cleaning company. Homeowners Cole and Morgan need to select countertops for the kitchen and master bath in their newly built home. But who to turn to? Fortunately, their local fabricator/installer recommends one of the nations’ top suppliers of quality granite, marble, quartzite, engineered stone, and on-trend design tile.
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Designing Spaces | Tools and Tips for A Smooth Running Home
On this episode of Designing Spaces, we're asking experts for advice on keeping your home clean, cool, energy efficient and running smoothly.
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Designing Spaces | Tips to Enhance Your Home Life
On this episode of Designing Spaces we check out home broadband solutions, garden growing tips, expert mortgage advice, and more!
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Designing Spaces | Fire Protection Special
Nobody knows when or how a fire will spark, but we know that every 24 seconds a fire department responds to a fire somewhere in the country and those fires caused more than 3500 civilian deaths and more than 14 billion dollars in property damage. On this special edition of designing spaces, we’ll show you how to make your home or business a safer place.

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