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Access Health - Season 8

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Access Health | Reducing Bladder Leakage with an At-Home Therapy
Join host, Ereka Vetrini, for a comprehensive discussion on Urinary incontinence and information on an innovative pelvic health system. leva is a non-drug, non-surgical solution that combines technology and coaching to help you perform pelvic floor muscle training correctly and consistently every time. We’ll also visit with 2 leva users who have found freedom from managing their bladder leaks.
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Access Health | The Importance of Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease
Join host, Ereka Vetrini for an in-depth discussion on managing your brain health. Panelists will discuss the disease, the differences between healthy aging and Alzheimer's, as well as reducing your risk of cognitive decline. We'll also meet two very special advocates.
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Access Health | A Different Approach To Diabetic Nerve Pain
It’s important to understand the complications that can arise, recognize your symptoms, and feel confident talking to
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Access Health | Expanding The Possibilities For Lung Cancer Patients
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Access Health | The Role of Living Cell Technology in Chronic Wound Care
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Access Health | Medical Advances for Critical Moments
Innovations in radiation for breast cancer; the importance of fatty acids in Parenteral Nutrition.

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